Heat Treatment is safe, efficient and the single most effective way to eliminated bed bug infestations. Heat treatment kills bed bugs at all life stages, from egg to adult and is ideal for both residential and commercial buildings.

Our thermal remediation system comprehensively eliminates bed bugs by raising the room temperature to a threshold point beyond which they cannot survive. Our environmentally-friendly process eradicates all bed bugs thoroughly, quickly, and without the use of any chemicals.

Once bed bugs have found a host, they rapidly multiply and spread. In an entomological survey conducted by the University of Kentucky, pest control companies overwhelmingly stated that bed bugs were the hardest pest to eradicate – often needing over 4 treatments with conventional methods.

Conventional treatment methods such as pesticides and other spot treatments are often counter-productive, as they cause bed bugs to spread and expand the infestation further throughout the property.

Consequently, bed bugs advance deeper into walls and spread throughout the house in search of new blood sources. Once the infestation expands it becomes much more difficult to combat.