In a beautiful place like South Florida with many visitors, it’s not a matter of if, but when a bed bug will hitchhike its way into your establishment.  GreenRem is here to help you fight bed bug infestations before they spread, giving your company and your guests peace of mind.

We are a remediation company fully specialized in treating in bed bugs. We use canines to assist in detecting bed bugs and heat to eradicate them. We work with large and boutique hotels, schools, offices and hospitals throughout the South Florida area.

How Canine Inspection Works

Our inspection teams consist of trained and certified human and canine inspectors. Canine detection is the most effective way to find bed bugs, especially before infestations are widespread and apparent to the human eye.

Hotel & Resort Locations

We offer commercial clients annual, semi-annual, or quarterly inspections of the entire premises so infestations can be caught before they spread to multiple rooms. Additionally, we offer reactive inspections as needed, should a guest complain. Each of our inspection teams can service up to 50 rooms per day. If a unit is positive for bed bugs we can schedule a treatment promptly so you can quickly quickly get the room back in service.

How Heat Treatment Works

Heat treatment is the safest and most effective way to eradicate bed bugs. The process is completed in a single treatment of 3-6 hours and requires little preparation on the part of the customer.

Unlike dangerous chemical pesticides which require multiple applications, heat kills bed bugs in one treatment. For hotels, this allows the room to be rented to guests the same night the treatment is performed.

We use electrical heaters powered by our own generators, as well as high-powered fans to direct the heat. With our cables we can treat buildings 25 stories high. Heat treatment is safe for people and their belongings.

Our skilled technicians are also discreet—driving unmarked vehicles and wearing only unmarked uniforms.

Additional Benefits

We keep documentation of all services rendered to your property, including proactive inspections of the entire property and GreenRem can offers a “bed bug free” certificate that you can share with guests upon request.

Staff Workshops 

We offer workshops in English and Spanish for hotel staff, so that your housekeeping team can identify early signs of a bed bug infestation.